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Every child is a spark of divinity. Balagokulam is a meeting place for children of all ages to meet, explore and discover that divinity within themselves. The program has been designed to enable children to identify with our cultural roots, imbibe our rich ancient heritage, and learn  universal human values in an enjoyable manner to eventually develop a sense of SEVA - service with devotion, love and respect.

Children have lots of fun while they learn.  Activities are planned for their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development. We introduce children to the fundamentals of Hindu Dharma including symbolism, values, concepts, scriptures using stories, hyms and various other experiential and exploratory methods.
We divide the activities in two parts, each lasting about an hour.  The first hour is more physical in nature including warm-up exercises, Yogasanas, games (based on age groups) and relaxation techniques. In the second hour they are exposed to: stories from our rich heritage, impromptu speeches, elocution competition, arts & crafts, fun mind games to improve IQ, chanting of shlokas from scriptures, learning language(s) and poetry, etc. Read more about the curriculum ...

In May 2016, we introduced chanting of shlokas from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.  Our aim is to have the children learn the entire shlokas by heart with special emphasis on correct pronunciation.  We have also started learning Samskrit words, phrases and basic conversation.

Balagokulam classes began in 2009 and we have organized at least a couple of major events every year, which were always well attended and received great support from our local community.   With a beautiful infrastructure and blessing from elders, the Balagokulam team is more excited than ever to do its best for all the children who attend on a regular basis. 

We invite parents and families not only to simply drop off their children for the classes held every alternate Sunday but also to JOIN US in making these activities even more interactive and enriching.

Balagokulam (for children):