7007 Enterprise Way, Windsor Ontario Canada N8T3N6
The Library is an initiative by the Board of Directors of the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Windsor to establish a collection of reading and learning material for all members of our community.  It is fully sponsored and supported by members, patrons and devotees of the Temple and Cultural Center.  It operates under the guidelines set by the Board within the broader Ontario public library community.  The Library serves as a window to a rich and vibrant culture, the origins of which date back to the beginning of human thought, the traditions of which have stood the challenges from various schools of thought, and the practice of which has immensely enriched both art and scientific thought.
The library serves as a repository of traditional and contemporary Hindu religious publications (religious texts, books, CDs/DVDs, periodicals and other media/material)

It functions as a free and equitable reference and lending entity in the temple premises

It strives to facilitate (instill, inspire and invigorate) the interest in eternal life principles (Sanatana Dharma) within knowledge seekers of all ages though its services and activities
All devotees and visitors to the temple are welcome to step in to the library room and browse through the collection of over 2000 items (books/CDs/DVDs etc.).  They are also encourgaed to borrow items from the library based on standard lending terms after registering themselves as member/patrons of the library.  To visit the library website, click here.