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kastoori tilakam lalaata patalay vaksha sthalay kaustubham
naasaagrey navamouktikam karatalay venum karey kanganam
sarvaangey harichandanam sulalitam kanttey cha muktaavalim
gopastri pariveshttito vijayatey gopaala choodaamanih 
Radha Krishna:
Salutations to Gopala, who is adorned with sacred marks of Kasturi (musk) on His forehead and Kaustubha jewel on His chest.  His nose is decorated with a shining pearl, the Palms of His hands are gently holding a flute, the hands themselves are beautifully decorated with bracelets, His whole body is smeared with sandal paste, as if playfully anointed, and His neck is decorated with a necklace of pearls.  Surrounded by the cowherd women, Gopala is shining in their middle in celebration like a jewel on the head.